Our goal is to help our clients drive new digital income, increase the size of their audience and become number one bestsellers in their markets.

Email Marketing Rocket

We help city and regional magazines grow audiences and digital revenue with our email marketing database. Smart publishers are using email marketing to increase advertising revenue, circulation, and event ticket sales.

Every month, we collect, track, and categorize over 3,000 email offers sent by over 100 regional magazines, national publishers, retailers, and more.  Cut through the clutter and discover the next great money making idea.  Every email is presented in context by advertising, edit, events, and marketing categories.

Cover Rocket

The Centofante Group’s cover database features over 20,000 city, regional and national magazine covers. Our proprietary cover database enables your edit and art team to search 100+ different city magazine cover topic categories. We can help your editors and art directors generate great ideas that can maximize your newsstand sales and subscriber readership.

Newsstand Sales

We help our clients become #1 Bestsellers

The Centofante Group is the nation’s leading newsstand consultant for city and regional magazines—currently representing nearly 50 city and regional magazine titles all across the country. We have more than 30 years of successful experience in newsstand sales and marketing consulting, teaching clients how to survive and thrive in the ever-challenging newsstand environment.


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